Wall-mounted TV Ideas: 10 Secrets To Getting A Bigger Bang For Your Buck By Wall-Mounting Your TV

Wall-mounted TVs are not just stylish and aesthetically pleasing to the look and feel of any room.  When done correctly, mounting a TV could also solve some living room design pitfalls like exposed cords, media storage, and many more.

But, most homeowners hardly know how to get the most out of simple home designs.

If you are like me, getting clutter as far away as possible from the living room areas is vital. So, when mounting a TV on the wall, the main goal is to figure out how to keep my living room clutter-free by ensuring that I have done everything I could to hide the cords, and a wall-mounted TV achieves that effortlessly.

So, if you are looking for the best wall-mounted TV ideas to inspire your next living room ideas centered around a wall-mounted TV, this post covers everything you need to know.

Living Room Ideas With Wall-mounted tv.

Living room decoration ideas are the core building block of any home’s entertainment. I think of living room ideas as a true blueprint of personalities for the people living and enjoying the home comforts they choose to incorporate in their living room design. That’s why when anyone asks me about what I would suggest for a living room, I want to know the theme you intend to build your living room design around.

Decorating Ideas

The majority of homeowners often build their living room design and decoration ideas around entertainment with a wall-mounted TV and sound system as the focal point. Wall-mounted TVs have become so popular in the 21st century home that we forget how they should be designed around a tv.

Wall-mounted tv decorating ideas are basically your blueprint for creating a functional living room design. When you have a well-crafted design, all mounted tv accessories never interfere with room aesthetics or how the family enjoys family fun time together, such as video gaming or sports. So, what should a well-designed living room with a wall-mounted TV have as accessories?

  1. Wall-mounted TV
  2. A sofa, Loveseat, or armchair for the living room.
  3. A coffee table
  4. Decorative pillows and throws in neutral colors to tie the room together
  5. Floor lamp with a decorative shade that matches your wall color scheme 
  6. Plants for natural air purification and decorating 

Accessorize With The Best Sofa, Loveseat, or armchair for the living room.

The perfect sofa, love seat, or armchair is the one that best complements your living room’s existing décor. It should complement the colors, textures, and style of furniture in your home. 

To find this perfect match, you will need to make some key decisions about how many pieces you want, what size, and whether you prefer a traditional or contemporary look for each piece. 

Love Seat For A Living Room.

Loveseats are perfect for those who love the idea of a sofa but want to save space. They’re designed to be smaller and shorter than sofas, often with a removable armrest in between the two seats. 

For those looking for something cozier, an armchair might be just what you need! Armchairs have no back or arms on them, allowing you to sit up close to watch TV or read a book with your loved ones. 

Unlike love seats or Armchairs, sofas are great because they provide comfort and style in one piece of furniture! 

If you’re not sure which is best for your living room, I recommend going with either loveseats or armchairs – they can’t go wrong! 

To help with these decisions, we have outlined vital questions that can help narrow down which type of seating will work best for your needs: 

 Do I want a sofa? 

The living room is the most commonplace in your home for friends and family to spend time together. It’s also where you have a TV, games, bookshelves, or other items that make it more than just a space to take off your shoes at the end of the day. 

A sofa is one of those additions that can really set an area apart from being functional to being welcoming and comfortable. But what goes into choosing which sofa is right for you? 

Therefore, looking closely at some of the vital aspects you need to consider when shopping for a new piece of furniture, such as style, size, material type, and cost, before diving into the list of our favorite sofas on today’s market! 

What are my color preferences? 

The living room is the space in your home that sets the tone for how you want to feel when you walk in. Whether it’s a place of relaxation, or where the family gathers, or somewhere to entertain guests – there are so many ways to make your living room special. 

One way is by choosing a unique color scheme for all of the furniture, which can be challenging but also very rewarding! In most cases, it’s not just about what colors should I use? It’s more about what mood you’re going for and who will be spending time there most often.

Am I looking for an oversized couch? 

Oversized couches can be used for sitting or sleeping, so they serve many purposes. The most popular style of an oversized couch is a sectional that has multiple pieces that connect together. 

This couch gives people more seating options but takes up more space than other large couches like a sleeper sofa or daybed with storage drawers under the bed.

A coffee table.

Adding a stylish coffee table to your living room with a wall-mounted tv is a subtle way to accentuate the look and feel of the room on a budget. 

 Coffee tables will give you space for playing video games or watching movies, something more than just an entertainment center with a wall-mounted TV.  

Your coffee tables could include a great storage space option where wireless gaming console accessories could be stored when not in use, soft reading materials storage, and space for items from around the house!

Decorative pillows and throws in neutral colors to tie the room together.

Decorative pillows and throws in neutral colors can be a great way to tie the entire room together. For example, suppose you are going for a modern look in your living room. In that case, adding neutral-colored throw pillows and decorative pillows will go a long way towards pulling everything together. 

When choosing what color of the pillow is best for your space, many factors should be considered. The first question you should ask yourself when deciding on whether or not to add colorful throws or pillows into the mix is, “What type of mood do I want my home to have?” 

Throws and decorative pillows also make watching tv or playing games along with family and friends fun. So, as you look for inspiration on how to bring the best out of your living room with a wall-mounted tv, consider adding reds and oranges, which are perfect for creating an inviting atmosphere where people would love to hang out all day. 

Floor lamp with a decorative shade that matches your wall color scheme.

Floor lamps are a great way to add light to your living room with a wall-mounted TV. Decorative floor lamps can be moved easily and provide the perfect amount of light for your TV or gaming sessions. 

Even better, floor lamps with a decorative shade can be an asset for creating a mood and ambiance that reflect your feelings. They are also excellent for reading or doing other tasks apart from making your room look polished. 

Wall-mounted TVs in living rooms tend to have a specific color scheme that you got to keep in mind, and it’s vital that you find one that matches!  

The best part is there are many floor lamps with matching shades available at stores near you. 

Wood Panelling With Wall Mounted TV Cabinet.

With most home upgrades putting their room design focus on entertainment cabinet units over the traditional fireplace, wood paneling with wall-mounted tv cabinets are a perfect way to house your Smart TV unit, home theater or AV receiver, gaming consoles, and decorative media storage units.

What to put under a wall-mounted TV in the living room?

A common question for homeowners is what to put under a wall-mounted TV in the living room. There are many options available.

In general, put an entertainment center with shelves and cabinets under your wall-mounted TV in the living room. They are the best to put under a wall-mounted TV in the living room. The floating shelves or wall-mounted cabinets are a perfect display and storage space of media that can hold DVDs, CDs, books, and video games. Under wall-mounted TV shelves or cabinets also helps hide all cable cords behind, keeping everything organized and tidy while also aesthetically pleasing.

A console table could be another option for those who want more compact or don’t have enough space on their walls!

Floating tv cabinets offer ample space under the wall-mounted TV for other decorative items that you can strategically place to accentuate your entertainment unit in your room.

Wall-mounted TVs are something of a fixture in most homes. The black box effect is an unfortunate byproduct for many people when they purchase one that hangs on their wall for decoration purposes only and not as a device to watch TV or play video games with.

Floating shelves are perfect if you don’t want your home interior design’s layout disrupted too much because it will pull your TV into the overall design scheme while eliminating this undesirable aspect from happening at all! Not only does the floating shelf look good, but it also provides lots of storage space and styling flexibility.

So there really isn’t anything bad about rocking out some new shelving units under any tv set screens today!

South Shore Floating wall mounted Media console Chocolate Zebrano

While pieces of furniture can be wonderful items to have underneath a mounted television set -there’s no better way to make a statement with your room design than installing the South Shore Floating wall-mounted Media console in a Chocolate Zebrano.

This under-Wall-mounted tv floating unit will be the focal point of any room while also changing up the mood at a moment’s notice with its natural and warm colors of richness!

The simple approach to this floating under the wall-mounted tv shelving unit is always to give it your own unique twist. And, the South Shore Floating wall-mounted Media console Chocolate Zebrano achieves that effortlessly.

Indoor Fern Plant.

Including an indoor fern plant is the best way to accentuate your living room area without spending much money doing it. Fern plants are perfect for low-light areas like living rooms because they’re easy to care for! They make a natural addition to your room and can even be made into part of your decorating theme.

Small Room Decorating Ideas for wall mounted tv 

“Decorating a small living room can be tough, but accessorizing your wall-mounted TV with a Color LED Light floating unit will make it stylish and fun! Modern floating TV units are the perfect piece for any home.

The sleek design of these cabinets allows for seamless integration into your existing decor. While the hidden drawers provide storage space to keep all of your electronics out of sight, minimizing cable clutter.

If you are into modern and high gloss finished furnishings, I would recommend getting a modern TV Cabinet with Color LED Light to go under your Wall Mounted Floating tv stand.

Many people these days are looking for a TV cabinet that is both stylish and functional. They want to be able to store things like DVDs, video games, and other entertainment media while also being able to watch their favorite shows or movies on the big screen. The modern TV cabinet by Fondeory is perfect for modern-day living.

It has two shelves that can hold many different items and easy-to-use LED lights that change colors so you don’t have to worry about overhead light bulbs! With this unit, you can put your TV where it’s most convenient in the room without having to worry about finding space elsewhere! Purchase yours today!

There’s no shortage of Wall-mounted tv setup ideas, but getting your setup look good is not easy. Though winning ideas do not come easy, there is  

Wall-mounted tv ideas for bedroom 

Setting up a tv in your bedroom is not for everyone, but if you are considering getting your room set up with a smart TV, mounting it on the wall is better than a floor-standing TV cabinet. Floating wall-mounted bedroom TV designs save space but also adds up to the bedroom decor. Wall-mounted TV ideas for the bedroom are one of the most popular setups that can be used to decorate your bedroom.

Sadly, wall-mounted TVs can be tricky to decorate. Unless you want a massive TV dominating your space, it might look best surrounded by custom shelving or wood paneling for an open feel and less contrast with the wall behind it. If that’s not what you’re going for, paint the brick in colors similar to those on other walls so as not to stand out too much.

How high on the wall should a TV be mounted?

We know that every person has different preferences when it comes to height of a TV mount. For some, they want the TV as high on the wall as possible for an immersive viewing experience. Others like their TVs mounted just above eye level so that they can see themselves in the reflection while watching television.

And then there are people who prefer mounting their TVs at eye level because they would rather not be distracted by seeing themselves on screen while trying to enjoy what’s happening in front of them. Regardless of where you fall in this spectrum, its vital to be aware of how high your TV should be mounted according to your individual preference.

In general, a standard height for mounting a TV on the wall is determined by the size of your smart TV size. A 40 inches smart tv must be mounted up to 56 inches from the floor to the TV center while a 70 inches smart television should be mounted about 67 inches high to the center of the screen from the floor.

Mounting TV In The Bedroom.

The ideal height for mounting your tv in the bedroom can be tricky. Wall mounted television should be installed in such a way that it lets you maintain the same sleeping position as you have before. Especially for a small bedroom, how high you choose to setup your tv panel is perhaps one of the most crucial solutions to bring your entertainment into your bedroom and experience it even while lying on bed.

As a rule, your television should be mounted at eye level when you are lying comfortably on your bed and not with pillows wedged on your back. Your eye elevation must therefore be within 40 inches of the bed height. This will help you to avoid neck and back pain from looking up or down for long periods of time while watching TV.

If mounting on the wall with tv mounting panels, test out few height levels without permanent anchor points like screws or nails along with all four corners then decide whether lifting upwards or slightly lowering mounting points is necessary.

Wall Mounted Floating TV Stand with Gaming Storage Shelf Rack  

Most home entertainment units could use a good floating tv stand with a gaming accessory shelving rack. The Wall Mounted Floating TV stand is a great alternative to bulky entertainment centers. The Wall Mounted Floating Entertainment Center can be used with or without the gaming accessory shelf and rack for added storage.

What is the best color for a wall behind a TV?

Apart from choosing the best color for your wall-mounted tv panel, choosing a carefully curated collage of wall art and other media to go on your wall-mounted tv panel is vital. So, building out your entertainment unit mixed with a well-thought-out media Wall and good color background is something that you can include on your mood board.

Typically, the best color to use for a wall behind a TV panel is dark. Muted color on the wall behind your TV creates an eye-catching contrast to both your smart tv and wall art dotted around the entertainment media unit. Deep grays and charcoal not only provide depth but also create a beautiful accent to any room.

This could be made up of family photos, curated wall art, or selecting a paint color that works with your wall-mounted tv panels. Selecting the best color for a wall behind a TV will certainly be centered around the tone you want to set.

In general, the best color for a wall behind a wall-mounted TV is dark deep grey and muted.

How do you decorate a living room with a TV on the wall?

There are pros and cons to decorating a living room with a TV on the wall. They can add or take away from the overall look of a room. However, following simple and proven decorating principles for living rooms with a wall-mounted TV will help you create a beautiful decorating conversation in your living room or any other space that you choose to mount a tv on the wall.

The key to decorating with a wall-mounted television is color coordination. Wall paintings, artwork, and floors all need to be considered when designing around a wall-mounted tv.

Accent walls can make a room seem more spacious, drawing the eye to one focal point. In this way, you can create an optical illusion in which your eyes are tricked into seeing that there is more space than actually exists.

A floating wall-mounted smart tv works wonders to draw away from all of the other corners and off-centered pieces around them. The floating shelving and wall-mounted tv become easier for people to see how long – or short.

Accent walls have emerged as a popular design choice over recent years because they serve so many purposes: not only do accent walls help split up spaces and provide visual interest with color variation at points where rooms intersect, but also use different textures together like paint on drywall creates an old world of beauty.

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