Where to buy tomato rot stop

Bonide Rot-Stop is one of the most efficient ways to stop tomato blossom end rot. But where can you buy Bonide tomato rot stop?

There are so many places where you can purchase tomato rot stop. Some of the most common destinations are Walmart, Amazon, Lowes, and home depot. You can also buy tomato rot stop from a gardeners’ forum, which is known as garderners.com. 

Another example is arbico organics. These experts specialize in providing you with the best products and information about a wide range of pest control techniques and growing supplies.

Bonide Rot-Stop Natural Tomato and Vegetable Spray

Coming at an affordable price, the Bonide rot stop is a ready-to-Use Spray product that works on keeping your Calcium Level Correct while warding of Blossom-End Rot. 

Generally, the Bonide rot stop product comes in two containers. The smaller one (16 oz.) and much larger one (32 oz.). The size you get will depend on the size of your garden as well as the number of tomato plants that have been affected by tomato rot. 

However, the 32 oz. rot stop has a spray applicator which makes applying very easy for you. On the other hand, the 16 oz. bottle doesn’t have a spray applicator. As such, you would need to purchase a separate pump sprayer. The best part is that the product isn’t complicated to mix. You only need to mix it with a reasonable amount of water and you are good to go. 

Bonide Rot-Stop- Overview

Nutritional Calcium Corrects calcium deficiency. Controls blossom end rot on tomatoes, other vegetables. Apply to developing fruit and foliage after periods of heavy rain or rapid growth.

The Bonide rot stop was made to correct calcium deficiency in your plants, but it also helps to tackle the same problem in other vegetables such as cucumbers, melons as well as peppers in order to prevent and control the occurrence of blossom end rot in those plants. More on this will be covered below.

The best application method is to apply this product directly to the developing fruit and the foliage, particularly after the periods of heavy rain or rapid growth of the plant. 

It is recommended that you should apply the bonide rot stop very early morning. You can also apply it in the evening hours. The idea here is that you should apply when temperatures are lower. This will help to avoid foliage burn. 

Benefits of using this product

  1. Corrects calcium deficiency

The main cause of blossom end rot in tomatoes as well as other vegetables is the lack of or the insufficient supply of calcium in the soil. Heavy rain falls and the application of fertilizers that are very high in nitrogen are some of the reasons why soil can lose some of its calcium. 

The Bonide rot stop was made to increase the amount of calcium that is supplied to the plant. IN this way, our product is used to control blossom end rot on tomatoes by adding calcium to the plant.

  1. Contains nutritional calcium

The Bonide rot stop is said to use nutritional calcium, which is derived from a substance called calcium chloride. This is actually the main active ingredient.

  1. Multiple uses 

Besides correcting the level of calcium to assist the growth of tomatoes, the Bonide Rot stop is also efficient at correcting calcium deficiencies for other vegetables such as cucumbers, melons, and peppers. This way, if you have multiple vegetables growing in your garden, this product will take care of all of them. 

  1. Easy to apply

As we pointed out earlier, the Bonide rot stop is very easy to apply. First of all, you will simply mix the product with water. Here, you have to make sure that you make the right measurements. Once mixed, you can start applied using either a hose-end sprayer or tank sprayer. Simply spray foliage to the point of run-off. That being said, always ensure that you carefully read and use all equipment according to the label directions.

  1. Foliar fertilization

This rot stop was made under the intention of being a as supplement to a regular fertilization program. As such, the bonide rot stop may not, by itself, provide all the nutrients that are normally required by crops or other proposed plants. This means that you have to have a separate system for applying your regular fertilizer. 

Characteristics of Bonide rot stop

Having looked at the benefits of using the bonide rot stop, let’s dive into the characteristics.

  • Ready to use

Just as we mentioned earlier, the Bonide Rot-Stop Natural Tomato and Vegetable Spray is a ready to use product. You won’t have to go through math equations. 

You just have to mix the product with water. Here, mixing it with water increases the volume of the product, so you won’t be going to the store anytime soon. All in all, just ensure that you read all the instructions on the manual. 

  • What scent does Bonide rot stop have?

Some of us have experienced this before. We end up buying a product to use on our crops, only to find out that we are actually allergic to the scent that is produced by the product. In the end, we have bought a product that has the ability of killing both the pests and the owner of the crops. Talk about karma.

In this case, you will be glad to know that the Bonide rot stop is completely odorless, so you won’t have to be dealing with any unwanted smell after you spray the product on your vegetables. 

  • Is the Bonide tomato rot stop Safe for plants?

Yes, the rot stop is safe for every plant that it has been applied on. However, it is known to cause a burning effect on the leaves, more especially when the product has been applied under the hot sun of noon hours. 

As such, it is recommended that you apply the rot stop in the early morning hours, or at night if you are unable to spray in the morning.

  • How effective is the Bonide rot stop? (Duration of effectiveness)

The Bonide Rot-Stop Natural Tomato and Vegetable Spray is one of the most effective fungicide that you can use on your tomatoes, hands-down. That is why it has increasingly become a top product for dealing with Blossom end rot. 

In terms of the duration, the product works for as long as 7 days after it has been applied- That’s according to the manufacturers, Bonide.  

  • Is the Bonide rot stop safe for kids and pets?

This is the part where it all gets serious. The Bonide rot stop is not in any way safe for your kids or pets. So it is a good idea to keep your kids and pets away from your garden when you have sprayed the product. 

This works better when your tomato plants are in a greenhouse, which will make it easy for you to close the area and automatically restrict entry. 

  • Are the sprayed tomatoes safe to eat?

On customer FAQs, this is the one of the most asked questions on almost every purchasing platform, and it has a simple answer. Yes, you tomatoes are safe to eat, even after they have been sprayed with this product. After all, the aim of the Bonide rot stop is to simply supplement the calcium content to the plants. 

Directions: While they are safe to eat, there is something you have to follow. Make sure that you cut out the part that has been affected with Blossom end rot and you can eat the rest of the tomato. 

  • What is the Maximum Coverage?

The maximum coverage area, which is commonly measured in Square feet, is 100. Here, maximum coverage area refers to the total area that you can use the product before it runs out. 


To wrap things up, you can purchase the Bonide rot stop at Walmart, Amazon, Lowes and home depot. There are so many other places that you can buy this product at similar affordable prices. You can do some research before making up your mind on where you will buy it.

Regardless of where you plan on buying this product, it will help you in preventing the disease that has affected a lot of gardeners around the world. Blossom end rot is no joke and there is no easy way out of it.

Just ensure that you visit your tomato garden regularly, because if you can see the signs earlier as they occur, you have better chances of controlling blossom end rot and subsequently saving a lot of tomatoes.

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